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19a Via Savona
Milano, Lombardia, 20144

Opaline is a light hearted Resort Wear Line that makes you presentable at all times. Dress responsibly chic.

Blog - Socially Responsible Boho Chic Clothing and Lifestyle

Discover our Official Blog and delve into Opaline's cultural take on Exhibits, Stories and Experiences. Dress responsibly chic.


Ingrun Von Keudell


We recently went to the Prada Foundation to check out their latest exhibit, called POST ZANG TUM TUUM- ART,LIFE and POLITICS ITALIA 1918-1943. Depero and Casoratis hung, simulating their original first appearance in galleries and museums- their colors exploding to our eyes.

The exhibit focuses on "a reconstruction of routes taken by those who dedicated their thinking- and in some cases risiede or lost their lives- to projects and ideas that had more than just artistic recognition as a goal" (Muccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli).

Da vedere!



Ingrun Von Keudell

OPALINE has opened recently Its latest Concept Store in Via Savona 19/a, in the Tortona Design District. The Concept Store will be both Shop and Showroom. We are open for Fall/Winter 2018 Sales Campaign now. Please call for appointment.


Much research has gone into Developing the initially purely PIJAMA Collection into a Full Collection of Timeless Pieces, Spanning from Flowing Dresses, Kimonos, to Embroidered Shirts and Long Winter Coats.

Our aim is to make our client feel at home while finding the perfect pieces. He should feel free to immerse himself in the atmosphere of distant places, surrounded by the beautiful prints and warm colors of Opaline- sipping Chai and browsing the collection.

Opaline has also developed a series of Wallpapers, and Furnishing Fabrics- and commissioned handpainted ceramics from a studio in Naples.


Other brands have been selected by Ingrun von Keudell to complement Opaline's Concept- brands that merge the traveller's Passion with unusual taste: Very Troubled Child Suitcases, Tableware by Dalwin Designs and Jewellery by Mapi, Cactus by AY CACTUS.


Ingrun Von Keudell

Come join us at the Venice Biennale 2017! Soak in impressively thoughtful colorexplosions! We were blown away by the gigantic installation of American artist Sheila Hicks "Escalade Beyond Chromatic Land". Sheila Hicks was born in Hastings, Nebraska and received her BFA and MFA degrees from Yale University. She received a Fulbright scholarship in 1957-58 to paint in Chile. While in South America she developed her interest in working with fibers. After founding workshops in Mexico, Chile, and South Africa, and working in Morocco and India, she now divides her time between her Paris studio and New York. ENJOY!