Now here is a fun project to showcase to you Nomad Readers who decide to put down house at some point in your life! We designed colourful and fun wallpaper inspired by the endless creativity of our world. You can order directly here: https://www.wallpepper.it/collezioni1/catalogo-page?opaline to create your very own version of the Opaline Spirit.

The peculiarity of Opaline can be felt at the first sight, different fabrics with original prints inspired by cultures from all over the world that come together to create exceptional items. The original prints make each dress precious and unique, that’s why we decided to use them to create wallpapers, precious and unique as an Opaline dress.

All you need to do is measure the wall or surface you want to cover, or send a rough sketch to Wallpepper and they will oblige to all needs, and send you a Boxed Roll of your Organic Wallpaper with Organic Glue.

Please do share a picture of your finished project by tagging #opalineworld

Thank you