Opaline meets SUPER

Fashion week it’s almost here, and if you live in Milan you know that we are about to face a crazy and fun week. half of Milan  works in the fashion industry. The streets are filling up withpeculiar Characters! 

The fashion Catwalking tribe of Milan is gearing up for late hours to Showcase once more the Fall/Winter Collections 2017! The other part of Milan is getting prepared for the fashion invasion, meaning streets locked, taxi traffic jams everywhere and crazy people standing in the middle of the street flashing unusual outfits, vying for the Camera.

Is Milano Fashion Week only about catwalks? Non,not at all!

During this week there are some of the most important fashion FAIRS, where buyers from all over the word come to discover New talents.Those buyers decide what shops will sell for the next season! Thanks to the collaboration between PITTI IMMAGINE and Camera Della Moda, this year the SUPER Fashion Fair got a brand new location: The Mall.

Its a perfect minimal space situated between the old city and the new architecture buildings.

from 25 to 27th of February, SUPER will exhibit 150 young Brands- amongst them also us:) 

Our first Winter Collection focuses on the Bohemian Wolrd Traveller. We researched and developed materials like embroidered wool, brushed velvet and ombre silk, using a warm color palette. Feel free to stop by and say hello!

The count down has started… 


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