We have been using our own Up Cycled Silk for the first time for this Winter Collection. We are very proud to share these news with you as the process is quite painstaking and long. Without the proper dedication of the local artisans and some loving family members, this wouldn't have happened. 


The vintage silk saris get selected by a loving family member. It gets cleaned, then each sari is ripped in 2cm wide silk strips by our artisans. One needs approximately 200 saris to make 40m of fabric. It takes one day to weave 3 m of fabric, 140cm wide, on the Handlooms. Each time, there will be a slight color variation as it is impossible in India to find the same sari twice!!Can you immagine...

We made our Samarkand Kimono and the Gilet from upcylced silk.

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